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Map updates coming end June. The UK Olympic updates available 15th July.

UPDATED: Maps for UK 2011/10/22 updated airspace maps. Main changes are addition of Aberporth danger areas.

NEW Maps for Switzerland 2011/07/31 select manifest ch01 from settings menu in AirCub

Welcome to AirCub - airspace navigation,
...Android airspace navigation...

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Welcome to AirCub - Navigation

AirCub is a simple airspace map tool that runs on the Android mobile phone platform. It is aimed at glider, paraglider, microlight and GA pilots. It currently only manages airspace and does not handle waypoints or other flight calculations. See the ToDo list for future enhancements.


To get AirCub go to the Android Market. It is free! The full release is also going to free. We may have a donation version later to cover the costs of the servers etc, but that's about it!

Please help. Comments, map sources etc

We would be glad of any comments or suggestions to improve aircub.

Also anyone who has tried other maps for other locations other than uk or ireland we would be please to let others know about them.

Quick Start

  1. Pinch zoom the maps.
  2. Drag mode
  3. The Map Screen
  4. Custom maps (providing your own maps)
  5. Pilot Zones explained
  6. QNH
  7. Trouble shooting
  8. Release notes
  9. Map Release notes
  10. Feedback on Reviews
  11. Forums

The current release only provides a UK mainland map. If you wish to use maps for other areas then see Custom maps. The currents maps are not suitable for helicopters as their airspace can be quite different from fixed wing aircraft.


AirCub0 is a beta release of the basic tool. It has the following features:

  • Moving map display showing aircraft location and track ahead
  • Pinch zoom
  • Drag mode
  • Down load of maps from server and auto update
  • Settings for
    • altitude in ft or m,
    • speed in kts or mph
    • distance in NM or km

Future developments: see ToDo also see Release notes

Best device?

Air cub has been downloaded and is running on many hundreds of devices. We had one bug with Android 2.3 but that fixed and it seems to be working on a wide range of devices on all the Android release from 2.1 to 3.0

AirCub is being developed on two devices which are a either end of the screen resolution range.

  • A high performance phone HTC Desire (800x480 screen) and
  • A low performance phone HTC Wildfire(320x240 screen).

The Desire has an AMOLED screen which makes viewing in direct sunlight rather difficult however we have tried to make the image contrast as high as possible to make is just readable. The HTC Wildfire has a LCD screen which makes it much more visiable in bright sunlight. However its memory, processor and screen are much more limited and response time and update time are the issue with this device as well as the low resolution screen.

Low end devices will run the map display satisfactorily but the ability to touch zoom and drag the screen is usually poor. Higher end devices useually provide a much better 'touch screen' experience.

Tested Devices and Versions


Disclaimer: AirCub is intended only as an aid to navigation and must not be used as primary navigation system. Remember GPS devices and the airspace maps can have significant errors. Even assuming there are no bugs or fundimental errors in the application then this system must not be relied upto to give accurate information about location or airspace. The pilot should apply common sense and verify location and airspace independantly. However this application may be used as a secondary system to alert the pilot about possible airspace breaches and therefore improve flight safety.

see Legal Disclaimer

Please make sure when changing maps that the new map zone codes do not conflict with the zone types and warnings of the old map. There is no way with OpenAir formats to enforce the codes used to describe airspace. for example if in one map a zone is marked class D airspace it may be marked as a Wave window in another map. Users can check out maps by using the drag mode to test the behaviour of the map prior to flight.

... please use your common sense!

Collection of data

AirCub calls back to check for map updates and records the id of the phone and if available the location of the phone. No other information is logged and the data is anonymous. Any data will not passed to third parties but may be used to track the use of AirCub and to identify where improvements can be made.

This wiki

This wiki is currently locked down whilst we complete the first stages of the development. However feel free to use it whilst we refine it. We would welcome feed back. See the ToDo list to see where we are going with this app. Insert non-formatted text here

Friendly links

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